Friday, September 12, 2008

To Infinity and Beyond

This is an amazing story of a Father and Autistic Son lost at sea. They were swimming at the Ponce Inlet, just south of Daytona, when they were swept out by a current. Christopher, Walter Marino's son, is 12 years old and has autism. He is mostly non-verbal, but says a few phrases from Disney movies that he watches. Walter called out "To Infinity and Beyond" to his son throughout the late afternoon and night until they drifted so far apart, that he could not hear him anymore. He feared for the worse. But after 14 hours in the water, they were both rescued by the Coast Guard. This child is truly amazing to be able to tread water for that long all alone in the dark. I can't imagine this happening to my own son. This is such an amazing testament of the strength and determination of this special little boy and his father. I'm a FL native and my husband is a Coast Guard veteran, and my son has Aspergers, so this story is incredibly inspirational to me. Here is the link to the entire article and video:
Really worth reading!